🌮 Taco Bell® Vegetarian Menu 🧀

A Handy Guide for your Vegetarian pleasure. 

How to eat Vegetarian at Taco Bell®

Compared to Keto or Paleo, it’s easy to eat vegetarian at Taco Bell… just hold the meat. Everything else is aces.

Bottom Line: No beef, chicken, steak, bacon or sausage. That’s it. Easy peasy.

Taco Bell® Vegetarian-friendly Ingredients:

  • S’all good man. Just don’t eat the animals.

Oh, I know what you’re thinking, “Do the refried beans have lard?” Nope.

Taco Bell® Vegetarian-UNfriendly Ingredients:

  • Protein: Beef, Chicken, Steak, Pork (bacon & sausage)
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What is the Vegetarian diet?

A vegetarian is a person who does not eat meat, which could be for moral, religious, or health reasons. Unlike vegans, vegetarians choose to eat cheese and other dairy products, as well as eggs.

It’s fair to say that most people in the US become vegetarian for moral reasons, i.e., they understand that animals are sentient beings that want to live just like we do and find it reprehensible to kill them just to taste their flesh.

What people get wrong:

Like most diets, vegetarians can avoid meat and still eat lots of junk. A Snickers bar and soda are vegetarian, but atrocious for your health.

Some non-vegetarians think that eating animals is essential for modern human survival. It is not.