Best Pizza Spots in Philly

Top Pizza Places

On my hunt for the best pizza in Philly, I found some real game-changers. These spots have redefined what pizza means to me. Here are the top-rated places according to Yelp:

  • Angelo’s Pizzeria: This place is a crowd favorite with its perfectly charred crust and authentic flavors. A must-visit for any pizza lover.
  • Pizzata Pizzeria: Known for its creative toppings and crispy crust, Pizzata has quickly become a local hotspot.
  • Paulie Gee’s Soul City Slice Shop: This joint serves up slices with soul, offering a unique twist on traditional pizza.
Pizza PlaceYelp RatingMust-Try Dish
Angelo’s Pizzeria4.5Classic Margherita
Pizzata Pizzeria4.4Truffle Mushroom Pizza
Paulie Gee’s Soul City Slice Shop4.6Hellboy Pizza

Unique Pizza Creations

Philly isn’t just about traditional pizza; the city offers some unique and mouth-watering creations you won’t find anywhere else. Here are a few standout options:

  • Tandoori Pizza: Their Butter Chicken Pizza is a fusion masterpiece that combines rich Indian flavors with the beloved pizza format (Yelp).
  • OG Pizza: The Four Sons Pizza is a crowd-pleaser, loaded with a variety of meats and cheeses.
  • Pizzeria Beddia: Famous for its perfect balance of sauce and cheese, this place knows how to keep it simple yet delicious (Yelp).
  • Pitruco Pizza Franklin’s Table: Not just known for their pizzas, but their side salads made with fresh ingredients are a perfect complement.
  • Little Sicily 2: The Spicy Paneer Pizza adds a unique twist, making it a must-try for those looking for something different.

These unique offerings make Philly a haven for pizza lovers looking for something extraordinary. Whether you’re a fan of the classics or seeking new and exciting flavors, Philly’s pizza scene has got you covered.

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Popular Pizza Joints

Philly is a paradise for pizza lovers. During my quest to uncover the best pizza in Philly, I discovered some local favorites and must-try styles that deserve the spotlight.

Local Favorites

Philly boasts an array of pizza joints that have become beloved among locals. Here are some of the top-rated spots:

  • Angelo’s Pizzeria: This place is consistently praised for its perfect crust and flavorful toppings.
  • Pizzata Pizzeria: Known for its inventive pies, Pizzata offers a unique twist on traditional flavors.
  • Paulie Gee’s Soul City Slice Shop: This spot has gained a loyal following for its delicious slices and vibrant atmosphere.
  • Pizzeria Beddia: Famous for its balance of sauce and cheese, Pizzeria Beddia takes pizza to a whole new level.
  • Pitruco Pizza Franklin’s Table: With fresh ingredients and mouth-watering sides, Pitruco is a must-visit (Yelp).

Must-Try Pizza Styles

Philly’s pizza scene is as diverse as it gets. Here are some must-try styles that I found during my delicious journey:

Square, Sauce-on-Top Pies

  • Santucci’s Original Square Pizza Roxborough: Santucci’s has been dishing out square, sauce-on-top pies for decades. This style is a quintessential part of Philly’s pizza scene (Eater Philly).

Neapolitan-New York Hybrid

  • Pizza Jawn: Specializing in Neapolitan-New York hybrid pies, Pizza Jawn offers a delightful blend of both styles. They also serve sauce-on-top grandma pies and thick, square Detroit-style pies with cheese to the edge.

Detroit-Style Pizza

  • Down North Pizza: Known for their crispy Detroit-style pizza, Down North Pizza is not only popular for its taste but also for its mission to employ formerly incarcerated individuals at a fair wage, providing culinary training and educational resources.

Super-Thin Pies

  • Tacconelli’s: A classic in Port Richmond, Tacconelli’s offers super-thin pies that have stood the test of time. Just remember to call ahead and bring cash.

Here’s a quick comparison of some of the top pizza joints in Philly:

Pizza JointSpecialtyStyle
Angelo’s PizzeriaPerfect crust, flavorful toppingsTraditional
Pizzata PizzeriaInventive piesCreative
Paulie Gee’s Soul City Slice ShopDelicious slices, vibrant atmosphereClassic
Pizzeria BeddiaBalance of sauce and cheeseThin-crust
Pitruco Pizza Franklin’s TableFresh ingredients, great sidesGourmet
Santucci’s Original Square PizzaSquare, sauce-on-top piesTraditional
Pizza JawnNeapolitan-New York hybrid, grandma pies, Detroit-styleHybrid
Down North PizzaCrispy Detroit-style, social missionDetroit-style
Tacconelli’sSuper-thin piesThin-crust

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So, grab a slice and enjoy the pizza paradise that is Philly!

Hidden Gems for Pizza Lovers

Unconventional Pizza Creations

In my quest for the best pizza in Philly, I’ve come across some truly unique and unconventional pizzas that are sure to delight any adventurous pizza lover.

  1. Down North Pizza: Nestled in Strawberry Mansion, this spot isn’t just about delicious pizza. It’s about giving back to the community. They employ formerly incarcerated individuals, providing them with culinary training and fair wages. Their crispy Detroit-style pizza and wings have become a local sensation.

  2. Cacia’s Bakery: A South Philly institution for over 70 years, Cacia’s is known for its inventive pizza varieties. Ever tried a double cheesesteak pizza or a pizzaz pie? If not, you’re missing out.

Pizza SpotNotable CreationAddress
Down North PizzaDetroit-Style Pizza2804 W Lehigh Ave
Cacia’s BakeryDouble Cheesesteak Pizza1526 W Ritner St

Community-Focused Pizzerias

Philly’s pizza scene isn’t just about great taste; it’s also about community. Here are some pizzerias that are deeply rooted in their neighborhoods and give back in meaningful ways.

  1. Tacconelli’s: Established in 1946, Tacconelli’s started as a tomato pie spot and has since become famous for its brick-oven pizzas. Customers even call ahead to reserve their dough. This place is as much about tradition as it is about delicious pizza.

  2. Down North Pizza: Mentioned previously for its unique pizza creations, Down North Pizza is also a community-focused pizzeria. They offer more than just culinary training; they provide educational resources to help formerly incarcerated individuals reintegrate into society.

  3. Pizzeria Beddia: This spot started as a takeout-only joint and has evolved into a neighborhood favorite with a larger space, great drinks, and an inviting atmosphere. It’s a true community hub where locals gather, especially on Mondays when it’s open.

PizzeriaCommunity FocusAddress
Tacconelli’sTradition & Reservations2604 E Somerset St
Down North PizzaFair Wages & Training2804 W Lehigh Ave
Pizzeria BeddiaNeighborhood Hub1313 N Lee St

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Historical Perspective on Pizza

Evolution of Pizza Scene

My quest for the best pizza in Philly has led me down a deliciously cheesy rabbit hole. Philly’s pizza scene is steeped in history, greatly influenced by waves of Italian immigration. These cultural contributions have made Philly’s pizza as iconic as its cheesesteaks. From thin crust, New York-style to authentic Italian pies, the evolution of Philly’s pizza scene is nothing short of a culinary renaissance.

In recent years, a few pizza fanatics decided that good wasn’t good enough, launching a pizza renaissance that transformed the city’s pizza scene. These pioneers introduced innovative pies, rapidly gaining popularity despite challenges like long lines and unusual restrictions (Philly Mag). Now, Philly stands toe-to-toe with cities like Chicago and Brooklyn in the pizza hall of fame.

Iconic Pizza Establishments

Exploring Philly’s pizza icons is like taking a bite out of history. Let’s dig into some legendary spots that have shaped the city’s pizza reputation.

Pizzeria Beddia

Pizzeria Beddia started as a humble takeout-only joint, but its delicious pies quickly turned it into a local legend. Initially infamous for its long lines and limited menu, Beddia has since expanded into a larger space with seating and a wine list. It’s now a neighborhood favorite known for both great drinks and being open on Mondays (Philly Mag).


Tacconelli’s has been serving up stellar pizza since 1946. Originally a tomato pie spot, it’s now celebrated for its mouth-watering brick-oven pizzas. So popular is Tacconelli’s that customers call ahead to reserve their dough. The menu is simple but effective, featuring classics like white pie, margherita, cheese pizza, and toppings such as sausage and peppers (Philly Mag).


Santucci’s is another gem, known for its unique square pies. These pies aren’t your typical Detroit style; they’re a Philly original with pillowy dough and low-walled edges. With multiple branches around the city, each one has a legion of loyal followers who fiercely debate which location serves the best pizza.

Iconic EstablishmentYear EstablishedNotable Features
Pizzeria Beddia2013Expanded to larger space, wine list
Tacconelli’s1946Brick-oven pizzas, call-ahead dough reservations
Santucci’sMultiple LocationsSquare pies, pillowy dough

Philly’s pizza scene continues to evolve, but its rich history and iconic establishments make it a must-visit for any pizza lover. Whether you’re a fan of thin crust, brick-oven, or square pies, the City of Brotherly Love has something to satisfy every pizza craving. For more pizza adventures, check out the best pizza in Boston, Las Vegas, and Miami.

Philly’s Pizza Culture

Impact of Italian Immigration

My quest for the best pizza in Philly led me to uncover the deep roots of Philly’s pizza culture. The story begins with the wave of Italian immigrants who settled in the city. Their culinary traditions laid the foundation for Philly’s diverse pizza offerings. From thin-crust New York-style slices to authentic Italian pies, the influence of Italian heritage is unmistakable (Philly Mag).

These immigrants brought with them age-old recipes and a passion for pizza-making. This rich history is reflected in the city’s longstanding pizzerias, some of which have been serving delicious pies for generations. The impact of Italian immigration is a cornerstone of what makes Philly’s pizza scene comparable to other pizza-loving cities.

Pizza Renaissance in Philly

Fast forward to the present, and Philly has experienced what I like to call a “pizza renaissance.” This transformation catapulted the city’s already good pizza scene into a realm of excellence. The credit goes to a few pizza obsessives who were determined to elevate the craft. They introduced unique pies that quickly gained popularity, despite hurdles like long lines, unusual restrictions, and limited menus (Philly Mag).

These pizza pioneers experimented with various toppings, doughs, and baking techniques, bringing a fresh wave of creativity to the city’s pizza scene. Their efforts have turned Philly into a must-visit destination for pizza lovers, rivaling the best pizza spots in America.

YearKey EventImpact
Early 1900sItalian ImmigrationIntroduction of authentic Italian pizzas
2000sPizza RenaissanceSurge in unique and creative pizza offerings

The city’s pizza culture is a vibrant mix of tradition and innovation, making it a haven for anyone on a quest to find the best pizza in town. Whether you’re a fan of classic Margheritas or adventurous toppings, Philly has something to satisfy every pizza craving.

Philly’s Pizza Ranking

City’s Pizza Reputation

Philly is renowned for its rich history, passionate sports fans, and, of course, its pizza. According to a survey by Clever Real Estate, Philly ranks as the 4th best city for pizza in the country (NBC Philadelphia). This ranking isn’t a fluke; the city has maintained this prestigious spot for three consecutive years.

When it comes to pizza density, Philly boasts 11.2 pizza restaurants per 100,000 residents. That’s 33% more than the average city’s 8.4 per 100,000, making it a true pizza lover’s paradise (NBC Philadelphia).

If you’re a thrifty pizza enthusiast, you’re in luck. Buying a cheese pizza once per week for a year in Philly costs just 1.21% of the typical resident’s annual income. That’s 18% cheaper than the national average cost of 1.47% (NBC Philadelphia). More pizza, less dough!

Pizza Passion Metric

Philly’s dedication to pizza isn’t just about quantity; it’s about passion. The city scored an impressive 86 out of 100 on Clever Real Estate’s “pizza passion metric,” which evaluates Google searches related to pizza (NBC Philadelphia). This score is 19% higher than the average city’s score of 72, showing that Philadelphians take their pizza seriously.

MetricPhiladelphiaAverage City
Pizza Restaurants per 100,000 Residents11.28.4
Cost of Cheese Pizza as % of Annual Income1.21%1.47%
Pizza Passion Metric Score8672

Philly’s pizza scene is not just a local treasure but a national contender. The city’s blend of historical richness, culinary innovation, and sheer love for pizza places it among the top pizza destinations in the country. If you’re ever in the city, make sure to dive into the local best pizza in Philly and experience the passion firsthand. For those curious about pizza in other cities, check out the best pizza in Chicago or the best pizza in Brooklyn.