Pizza Paradise in Pensacola

Got a pizza craving in Pensacola? You’re in luck! This town’s got some killer spots that’ll make your taste buds dance. Let’s check out the top-rated pizza joints around.

The Wine Bar & Market

First up, The Wine Bar & Market. This place is a hidden treasure, offering more than just a stellar wine list. With a 4.7/5 rating from 33 reviews, according to Stacker, their pizzas are a match made in heaven with their wine selection. If you’re a pizza lover with a taste for the finer things, this spot is a must-visit.

East Hill Pizza

Next, we have East Hill Pizza, a local gem with a 4.5/5 rating from 51 reviews. Known for its New York-style pies with that perfect thin, crispy crust, this place will have you coming back for more. The cozy vibe and friendly staff make it a go-to for pizza fans in Pensacola.

New Yorker Deli & Pizzeria

Missing the Big Apple? New Yorker Deli & Pizzeria has got you covered. With a 4.5/5 rating from 277 reviews, this spot brings a slice of NYC to Pensacola. Their pizzas, loaded with high-quality ingredients and generous toppings, will make you feel like you’re right in the heart of New York City.

Elbow Room

Looking for something a bit different? Elbow Room is your spot. With a 4.4/5 rating from 59 reviews, this quirky joint offers a variety of creative pizza options. From classic combos to wild toppings, Elbow Room is sure to surprise and delight your taste buds.

Sky’s Pizza Pie

Last but definitely not least, Sky’s Pizza Pie. This place has a 4.3/5 rating from a whopping 506 reviews. Known for their generous portions, flavorful toppings, and a variety of crust options, Sky’s Pizza Pie is a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

Whether you’re craving traditional flavors or something a bit more adventurous, these Pensacola pizza spots have got you covered. With their top-notch ratings and rave reviews, you’re in for a pizza paradise. So grab a slice and enjoy the best pies Pensacola has to offer.

Unique Pizza Spots in Pensacola

If you’re on the lookout for the best pizza in Pensacola, you’re in for a real treat! This coastal city has some fantastic pizza joints that will make your taste buds dance. From classic favorites to creative concoctions, here are some must-visit pizza places in Pensacola:

Graffiti Pizza

Smack dab in Downtown Pensacola, Graffiti Pizza is a hit among pizza lovers. It’s part of the 200 South complex, making it a great spot for a quick bite or a late-night snack. With a variety of toppings and a cozy vibe, it’s the perfect place to grab a slice and soak in the city’s energy. Check out their website for more info.

Papa’s Pizza

Need a break from all the seafood? Papa’s Pizza has got you covered. With spots in Downtown Pensacola and Pensacola Beach, this cozy joint gives off a small-town feel that’s just right. Dive into their delicious pies, loaded with your favorite toppings, and enjoy every bite. Visit their website for menu options and more.

Laguna’s on Pensacola Beach

For a pizza experience with a beachy twist, head to Laguna’s on Pensacola Beach. This open-air, tiki hut-style restaurant lets you enjoy your pizza while soaking up the sun. Take in the stunning beach views and savor their tasty pies. Don’t forget to pair your meal with one of their refreshing Fat Tuesday frozen drinks. Visit their website for more details.

Lillian’s Pan Pizza

Since 1989, Lillian’s Pan Pizza in Perdido Key has been a favorite for both locals and tourists. This beloved spot offers a wide range of toppings to satisfy every craving. From classic pepperoni to unique options like shrimp and crab, there’s something for everyone at Lillian’s. Experience the Gulf Coast flavors with their mouthwatering creations. Check out their website for more info.


For a true Neapolitan pizza experience, head to Pizzalute. This hidden gem on Sorrento Road in Perdido Key specializes in traditional Neapolitan pizza, straight from Naples, Italy. Using top-notch ingredients and traditional techniques, Pizzalute crafts pizzas that are bursting with flavor. Treat yourself to a taste of Italy right here in Pensacola. Visit their website for a peek at their menu.

These unique pizza spots in Pensacola are just a slice of what this city has to offer. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, exploring these pizza joints will definitely hit the spot and leave you wanting more. So grab a slice, enjoy the flavors, and dive into the pizza paradise that is Pensacola!