Miami’s Pizza Paradise

Miami’s got a pizza scene that’s hotter than its beaches. From classic Neapolitan pies to wild, creative slices, I’ve munched my way through the city to find the best spots. Here are some must-try pizzerias and hidden gems that every pizza lover needs to know about.

Slice of Miami: Must-Try Pizzerias

  1. Lucali
  • Famous for its crispy bubble crust and a cheese blend of mozzarella, buffalo mozzarella, and parmigiano-reggiano (Eater Miami).
  • Perfect for cheese fanatics.
  1. Joe’s Pizza
  • Classic New York-style pizza.
  • Loved by locals and tourists alike.
  1. Miami Slice
  • Known for New York-style slices, including the “La Salsera” with marinara, vodka sauce, and pesto.
  • A must for those who love creative toppings.
  1. Mister O1
  • Star-shaped pizzas.
  • A fun twist on traditional shapes.
  1. Old Greg’s Pizza
  • Specializes in square pies with a thick, chewy crust.
  • Offers unique toppings.
  1. Square Pie City
  • Detroit-style square pizzas with crispy, caramelized cheese edges (Eater Miami).
  • A slice of Detroit in Miami.
  1. Vice City Pizza
  • Fluffy crusts and bold flavors.
  • Ideal for hearty slice lovers.
LucaliCrispy bubble crust, cheese blend
Joe’s PizzaClassic New York-style
Miami SliceCreative toppings, “La Salsera”
Mister O1Star-shaped pizzas
Old Greg’s PizzaSquare pies, unique toppings
Square Pie CityDetroit-style, caramelized cheese edges
Vice City PizzaFluffy crusts, bold flavors

Hidden Gems of Miami’s Pizza Scene

  1. Fratesi’s Pizza Pop-Up at Tâm Tâm
  • A pop-up sensation with unique and seasonal creations.
  • A hidden treasure for pizza adventurers.
  1. Pizza Johny’s
  • Top-rated on Yelp.
  • Known for delicious and affordable pies.
  1. Marakas Pizza
  • Another Yelp favorite.
  • Offers a mix of traditional and innovative pizzas.
  1. Pummarola Coral Gables
  • Neapolitan-style pizzas.
  • Cozy spot in Coral Gables for pizza enthusiasts.
  1. New York Roma Pizza Bird Road
  • Classic New York-style pizza.
  • A hidden gem for NYC pizza cravings in Miami.

Exploring Miami’s pizza scene has been a delicious ride. Whether you’re into classic flavors or unique creations, Miami’s pizzerias have something for every pizza lover. For more pizza adventures, check out the best pizza in Brooklyn or the best pizza in Chicago.

Crispy Crusts and Cheesy Delights

Finding the best pizza in Miami led me on a tasty journey. Here are my top picks for satisfying that pizza craving.

Lucali: A Cheese Lover’s Dream

Lucali is heaven for cheese lovers. Their pizzas have a crispy bubble crust that’s simply irresistible. The mix of mozzarella, buffalo mozzarella, and parmigiano-reggiano cheese creates a flavor explosion (Eater Miami). The secret? The perfect balance of crispiness and chewiness.

Lucali Cheese PizzaDetails
Crust TypeCrispy Bubble
CheeseMozzarella, Buffalo Mozzarella, Parmigiano-Reggiano
SpecialtyCheese Lover’s Dream

Steve’s Pizza: Brooklyn Comes to Miami

Steve’s Pizza is the spot for authentic Brooklyn-style pizza. Each slice is so loaded with cheese and toppings that you need two hands to fold and eat it. The crust is thick yet crispy, making it a delightful contrast to the gooey, melted cheese.

Steve’s PizzaDetails
Crust TypeThick and Crispy
Serving StyleBrooklyn-style (Two-Hand Fold)
SpecialtyGenerous Cheese and Toppings

Ironside Pizza: Neapolitan Perfection

For Neapolitan-style pizza fans, Ironside Pizza is a must. This Miami favorite is known for its classic, perfectly charred pizzas that transport you straight to Naples. The crust is thin, slightly chewy, with just the right amount of char. Topped with fresh ingredients and simple, flavorful sauces, Ironside Pizza is a testament to traditional pizza-making.

Ironside PizzaDetails
Crust TypeThin, Slightly Chewy, Charred
SpecialtyTraditional Ingredients and Flavors

If you’re ever in Miami and on the hunt for the perfect pizza, these spots should be at the top of your list. Whether you’re a cheese lover, a fan of thick Brooklyn-style slices, or craving a taste of Naples, Miami’s pizza scene has something for everyone. Don’t forget to check out other cities’ best pizzas, like the best pizza in Brooklyn or the best pizza in Chicago, for more delicious adventures.

Unconventional Toppings and Unique Flavors

In my quest for the best pizza in Miami, I found some pizzerias that think outside the (pizza) box. These spots offer unconventional toppings and unique flavors that take pizza-making to a whole new level. Join me as I explore Harry’s Pizzeria, Miami Slice, and Eleventh Street Pizza.

Harry’s Pizzeria: Breaking the Pizza Mold

Harry’s Pizzeria pushes the boundaries of what pizza can be. Their menu is a playground for adventurous eaters, with toppings that might make your grandma faint. Ever tried roasted pork with figs, grilled onions, fontina, and arugula on a pizza? How about rock shrimp with grilled lemon, manchego, scallion, and cilantro? (Eater Miami).

PizzaUnique Toppings
Roasted PorkFigs, grilled onions, fontina, arugula
Rock ShrimpGrilled lemon, manchego, scallion, cilantro

Miami Slice: Where Creativity Meets Crust

Miami Slice is known for its New York-style slices, but they don’t stop there. Their “La Salsera” pizza is an Instagram sensation, featuring swirling marinara, vodka sauce, and pesto. It’s not just a feast for the eyes; it’s a flavor explosion (Eater Miami).

PizzaUnique Toppings
La SalseraMarinara, vodka sauce, pesto
Leeks on BaconStracciatella, leeks, bacon

If you’re into front-row seats for your pizza-making show, Miami Slice’s front bar seating lets you watch the magic happen. It’s like dinner and a show, but with more cheese.

Eleventh Street Pizza: Classic with a Twist

Eleventh Street Pizza offers a delightful mix of classic and not-so-classic pies. One standout is the “Wild Shroom” pizza, topped with maitake mushrooms, garlic, mozzarella, caramelized onions, and sourdough breadcrumbs (Eater Miami). They recently opened a new location in Kendall, complete with a full menu and bar, making it a must-visit for pizza aficionados.

PizzaUnique Toppings
Wild ShroomMaitake mushrooms, garlic, mozzarella, caramelized onions, sourdough breadcrumbs

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In my quest for pizza perfection, these spots have proven that when it comes to toppings, the sky’s the limit. From Harry’s Pizzeria’s daring combos to Miami Slice’s artistic creations and Eleventh Street Pizza’s innovative twists, Miami’s pizza scene is anything but ordinary.

Square Pies and Detroit-Style Delights

Exploring Miami’s pizza scene, I found myself diving headfirst into the world of square pies and Detroit-style delights. Here’s my take on the best spots to curb your craving for that perfect slice of heaven.

Square Pie City: A Taste of Detroit in Miami

Square Pie City, oh how you have won my heart. This gem is renowned for its Detroit-style square pizzas with crispy, caramelized cheese edges and a thick, satisfying crust (Eater Miami). Each bite is a crunchy, cheesy delight that transports you straight to pizza paradise.

CrustThick, crispy edges
CheeseCaramelized, golden
AtmosphereCozy, inviting

For those who love their pizza with a bit of a crunch, Square Pie City is a must-visit. The crust is so deliciously crispy that I almost felt guilty devouring it. Almost.

Vice City Pizza: Fluffy Crusts, Bold Flavors

Located in West Kendall, Vice City Pizza specializes in Detroit-style pizzas with fluffy crusts and unique toppings (Hungry Post). But be warned: this place is tiny, and the lines can be long, especially during peak hours (Eater Miami).

CrustAiry, fluffy
ToppingsUnique, bold flavors
Wait TimeOften long, especially during peak hours

The fermentation process for their dough lasts over two days, resulting in a crust that’s airy and just the right density. My personal favorite is their Shroom pie, with mushroom puree, oyster mushrooms, caramelized onion, parmesan, ricotta, and truffle honey. If you’re in the mood for something different, this is the place to be.

Miami’s Best Pizza: A Coral Gables Classic

Miami’s Best Pizza has been a beloved institution since the 1970s, and their new location in Coral Gables is bigger and better than ever. Known for their garlicky rolls, classic pies, and Miami-style heroes, this spot is perfect for those who appreciate a timeless, no-fuss pizza experience.

CrustClassic, consistent
MenuGarlicky rolls, classic pies
LocationCoral Gables, spacious

The new location offers the same popular menu items that have made them a fan favorite for decades. The garlicky rolls alone are worth the visit, and the classic pies never disappoint. For those seeking a tried-and-true pizza joint, Miami’s Best Pizza is the epitome of perfection.

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Iconic Pizza Joints in Miami

Miami’s Pizza Legends: A Culinary Journey

In my quest for the best pizza in Miami, I stumbled upon some truly legendary spots. One such place is Giovanni Gagliardi’s pizzeria in South Beach. Known as “The Legend,” Giovanni opened his Neapolitan pizzeria on Espanola Way in 2017. This spot has gained a cult following and was even recognized by the New Times newspaper as “The Legend Pizzeria Best Pizza of Miami”.

Gagliardi’s expertise isn’t just local gossip; he won the 21st World Championship of Neapolitan Pizza STG in Salsomaggiore in 2012 and later that year snagged the Winner Best Traditional Pizza International Region in Las Vegas (La Leggenda Pizzeria). His menu features authentic Neapolitan pizzas made with certified Italian ingredients like buffalo mozzarella and San Marzano tomatoes, making it a must-visit for any pizza aficionado.

Miami’s Pizza Sensations: A Slice of History

Next on my list was a journey through Miami’s pizza history. Many of these places have been around for decades, serving slices that have stood the test of time. These pizzerias are like living museums of pizza craft, where each bite tells a story.

PizzeriaEstablished YearNotable Pizza
Frankie’s Pizza1955The Classic Pepperoni
Casola’s Pizzeria1982The Supreme Pie
Sir Pizza1968The Royal Feast

Frankie’s Pizza, for example, has been slinging pies since 1955. Their classic pepperoni is a simple yet unforgettable experience. Casola’s Pizzeria, established in 1982, is known for its massive Supreme Pie, loaded with every topping you can imagine. Then there’s Sir Pizza, which has been a staple since 1968, offering their famous Royal Feast, a hearty combination of all the best ingredients.

Miami’s Pizza Gems: From Old Favorites to New Discoveries

Miami’s pizza scene is a treasure trove of old favorites and new discoveries. While some joints have been around forever, there are always new places popping up, pushing the boundaries of what pizza can be.

One of my recent discoveries is Eleventh Street Pizza. They take classic recipes and add a modern twist, creating unique flavors that you won’t find anywhere else. Another gem is Harry’s Pizzeria, where the motto seems to be “expect the unexpected.” Their unconventional toppings and creative combinations are a feast for the senses.

For a taste of Detroit right here in Miami, check out Square Pie City. Their thick, fluffy crusts and bold flavors are a delightful departure from the usual pizza fare. And let’s not forget Vice City Pizza, another Detroit-style marvel that has quickly become a local favorite.

Whether you’re a fan of traditional Neapolitan pies or looking to try something new and exciting, Miami’s pizza scene has something for everyone. So, grab a slice and join me on this delicious journey through the best pizza spots in Miami.

For more pizza adventures, you can check out my guides on the best pizza in Brooklyn, best pizza in Chicago, and best pizza in Austin. Let’s keep this cheesy quest rolling!