Exploring Pizza Styles

Pizza. It’s the universal love language, right? But did you know there’s more to it than just cheese and pepperoni? Let’s dig into some of the most popular pizza styles that make our taste buds dance.

Neapolitan Pizza

Straight from Naples, Italy, Neapolitan pizza is the OG of pizzas. Born in the 1800s, this pizza has some strict rules. It’s gotta be hand-kneaded, no bigger than 35 centimeters, and super thin in the middle. We’re talking less than a third of a centimeter! It’s baked in a wood-fired oven, giving it that soft, chewy crust with a kiss of char. Classic choices? Margherita and Marinara. Want to geek out more on pizza crusts? Check out Alive & Kickin’ Pizza Crust.

New York Style Pizza

Ah, New York style. The pizza that dreams are made of. Big, thin, and foldable slices that you can eat on the go. The crust is crispy yet bendy, thanks to high-gluten bread flour and that magical New York City water. Brooklyn style is its close cousin, with toppings all the way to the edge and a bit crispier. Whether you’re grabbing a slice on the street or devouring a whole pie, New York style is a must-try.

St. Louis Pizza

St. Louis pizza is in a league of its own. Think round, thin, and unleavened crust that’s more like a cracker. It’s sturdy enough to hold a mix of cheddar, Swiss, and provolone cheeses. And forget triangles; these pizzas are cut into “party squares” or rectangles, perfect for sharing with your crew.

California Pizza

California pizza is where things get wild. It’s got a thin, flaky crust that’s just begging for creative toppings. We’re talking eggs, artichokes, goat cheese, mustard, and even paté. Fresh, local ingredients make this pizza a West Coast favorite. It’s like a culinary adventure on a crust.

Detroit Style Pizza

Detroit style pizza is having a moment. It’s rectangular, with a chewy texture from being baked in a well-oiled pan. The cheese goes all the way to the edges, creating a crispy, caramelized crust known as “frico.” The sauce? It’s on top of the cheese, with toppings added last. This pizza is a texture and flavor playground.

Exploring different pizza styles is like taking a tasty trip around the world. Whether you’re into the classic Neapolitan, the foldable New York slice, the cheesy St. Louis, the inventive California, or the crispy-edged Detroit, there’s a pizza out there for everyone. So, what’s your favorite slice?

Best Pizza Places in Green Bay

Got a pizza craving in Green Bay? You’re in luck! This town’s got some killer spots that locals and visitors can’t stop talking about. From classic pies to wild flavor combos, here are two of the best pizza joints in Green Bay, plus a few more you should definitely check out:

Rustique Pizzeria + Lounge

First up, Rustique Pizzeria + Lounge. This place is the holy grail for pizza lovers in Green Bay. With a 4.4/5 rating from 192 reviews, it’s clear folks can’t get enough of it (WBAY).

The vibe at Rustique is cozy and stylish, perfect for a chill night out or a quick takeout. The staff? Super friendly. The atmosphere? Warm and inviting. But let’s talk pizza. Rustique’s menu is packed with both the classics and some seriously creative pies. Think Margherita and Pepperoni, but also the Rustique Deluxe and BBQ Chicken that’ll blow your mind. They’ve even got vegetarian and gluten-free options, so no one’s left out.

Glass Nickel Pizza

Next on the list is Glass Nickel Pizza. With a solid 4.0/5 rating from 118 reviews, this place has a loyal fanbase (WBAY).

Glass Nickel’s menu is all about variety. Whether you’re into classic pies or want to try something new, they’ve got you covered. Their ingredients are top-notch, and the flavor combos are on point. Don’t miss their famous “Fetalicious” pizza—it’s a game-changer.

Other Top-Rated Spots

Green Bay’s pizza scene doesn’t stop there. Here are a few more spots that deserve a shoutout:

  • Luigi’s Pizza Palace – Known for its generous toppings and crispy crust. A local favorite for a reason.
  • Sammy’s Pizza – Family-owned with a cozy atmosphere and a killer meat lover’s pizza.
  • Gallagher’s Pizza – Offers a unique mix of traditional and innovative pizzas. Their “Reuben Pizza” is a must-try.

Whether you’re a Green Bay native or just passing through, these pizza places are sure to hit the spot. From tried-and-true classics to unique creations, there’s something for everyone. So grab a slice, kick back, and let the cheesy goodness take you to pizza paradise!

Unique Pizza Offerings in Door County

Looking for some out-of-the-box pizza in Door County? You’re in for a treat. From quirky toppings to farm-fresh ingredients, these pizza joints serve up slices that’ll make your taste buds do a happy dance. Let’s check out some of Door County’s best-kept pizza secrets:

Pizza Bros

Tucked away in Egg Harbor, Pizza Bros is a haven for pizza lovers craving something different. Their wood-fired pizzas are the stuff of local legend, featuring toppings like chili dry-rubbed pork sausage and Mexican street corn. The Roman-style crust is crispy yet chewy, making each bite a flavor-packed experience you won’t forget (Hello Door County).


For a meal that’s as sustainable as it is tasty, head over to Trixie’s in Ephraim. This cozy wine bar and restaurant whips up dishes from scratch using locally sourced ingredients. From fresh veggies to dairy and meats, everything is handpicked for quality. Plus, their wine list is all about sustainable, organic, and female-made wines. Perfect for those who love a good wine and pizza combo (Hello Door County).

Wilson’s Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor

A Door County staple since 1906, Wilson’s in Ephraim is famous for its flame-broiled burgers and dreamy ice cream. But don’t sleep on their pizza! Whether you’re craving a classic cheese or something with a bit more flair, Wilson’s serves it up in a nostalgic setting. And don’t forget to wash it down with their home-brewed draft root beer (Hello Door County).

Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant

Want to add a Scandinavian twist to your pizza night? Al Johnson’s in Sister Bay is your spot. Known for Swedish Pancakes and Meatballs, they also offer pizzas that blend Swedish and American flavors. It’s a unique fusion that’ll make your taste buds sing.

Wild Tomato Wood-Fired Pizza & Grille

With spots in Fish Creek and Sister Bay, Wild Tomato is a local favorite. Their secret? Locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. Their wood-fired pizzas are a must-try, loaded with toppings that highlight the best of Door County. If you love supporting local businesses while munching on delicious pizza, Wild Tomato is a no-brainer (Hello Door County).

So, when you’re in Door County, don’t miss out on these unique pizza spots. Whether you’re into creative toppings, farm-fresh ingredients, or a mix of flavors, Pizza Bros, Trixie’s, Wilson’s, Al Johnson’s, and Wild Tomato have something special for you. Go on, treat yourself to a pizza adventure and savor the best slices Door County has to offer.

Best Pizza Joints Near Green Bay

Got a hankering for some pizza near Green Bay? You’re in luck! Here are some top spots that locals and visitors rave about. Let’s dig in:

Sam’s Pizza in Wausau

If you’re cruising through Wausau, you gotta hit up Sam’s Pizza. It’s a local favorite with a solid 4.3/5 rating from 50 reviews (WBAY). Their pizzas are the stuff of legends, whether you’re into classic pepperoni or something a bit more adventurous. Trust me, one bite and you’ll be hooked.

Il Ritrovo in Sheboygan

Sheboygan folks know their pizza, and Il Ritrovo is the place to be. Sporting a 4.4/5 rating from 344 reviews (WBAY), this joint is all about quality. They whip up pizzas with top-notch ingredients and a whole lotta love. Whether you’re a purist or a fan of funky toppings, Il Ritrovo’s got you covered.

ZaRonis Pizza in Oshkosh

Over in Oshkosh, ZaRonis Pizza is where it’s at. With a 4.1/5 rating from 68 reviews (WBAY), this place has a loyal fan base. Their menu is packed with options, from the classic cheese to pies loaded with all the fixings. It’s the perfect spot to satisfy your pizza cravings.

These pizza joints near Green Bay are just a slice of what the area has to offer. Whether you’re in Wausau, Sheboygan, or Oshkosh, make sure to check out Sam’s Pizza, Il Ritrovo, and ZaRonis Pizza. Your taste buds will thank you!

Rustique Pizzeria + Lounge Experience

Looking for the best pizza in Green Bay? Rustique Pizzeria + Lounge is where it’s at. With a solid 4.4/5 rating from 192 reviews, it’s clear why locals love it (WBAY). But what makes Rustique so special? Let’s check out the vibe, the grub, and the extras that make this spot a must-visit.

The Vibe at Rustique

Nestled in Suamico, Rustique Pizzeria + Lounge isn’t just any pizza joint. It’s set in a 122-year-old chapel with vaulted wooden ceilings and original hardwood floors. The moment you walk in, you’re hit with a cozy, rustic charm that feels like a warm hug.

The Grub at Rustique

Rustique’s menu is a tasty mix of flavors from all over, with a nod to Wisconsin’s roots. Whether you’re out for date night, a family dinner, or a business meal, there’s something for everyone.

But let’s get real—you’re here for the pizza. Rustique nails it with thin, New York-style crusts and a range of fresh toppings. From classic pepperoni to the unique “El Duque” Cuban sandwich pizza, each pie is a masterpiece. Every bite bursts with flavor, making it a pizza experience you won’t forget.

The Extras at Rustique

Rustique isn’t just about great food. They’ve got a cozy lounge area perfect for chilling with a specialty cocktail or a draft beer. When the weather’s nice, you can grab a seat on their spacious deck and enjoy your meal al fresco.

One of the coolest things about Rustique is their knack for keeping things fresh. They roll out weekly specials with unique menu items and change up their offerings with the seasons. Their handcrafted cocktails, wines, and beers are always spot-on with the food.

A trip to Rustique Pizzeria + Lounge is more than just a meal—it’s a full-on experience. With its charming vibe, killer menu, and awesome extras, Rustique stands out in Green Bay’s pizza scene. So, next time you’re craving top-notch pizza, make sure Rustique is on your list.

Pizza Crust: A World of Flavors

When it comes to pizza, the crust is the unsung hero, delivering that perfect bite. Different styles bring their own unique flair, making each pizza experience special. Let’s dive into the Neapolitan, New York, St. Louis, California, and Detroit styles of pizza crust.

Neapolitan, New York, St. Louis, California, Detroit Style

Each pizza style has its own personality, shaped by regional quirks and traditions.

  • Neapolitan Pizza: The OG of pizzas, hailing from Naples, Italy, in the 1800s. This pizza is all about tradition—hand-kneaded dough, no more than 35 centimeters across, and a center that’s just a third of a centimeter thick. Baked in a wood-fired oven, it comes out soft and elastic. Think Margherita and Marinara for the classics.

  • New York Style Pizza: Picture a slice so big you have to fold it. That’s New York style. It’s got a crispy edge, but the middle is thin and flexible. The secret? High-gluten bread flour and New York City’s unique water. Brooklyn style is its cousin, with toppings right to the edge and a bit more crunch.

  • St. Louis Pizza: This one’s got a thin, cracker-like crust that doesn’t rise. It’s sturdy enough to hold a mix of cheddar, Swiss, and provolone. And it’s cut into “party squares” or rectangles, making it easy to share.

  • California Pizza: West Coast vibes all the way. California pizza is all about creativity with toppings like eggs, artichokes, goat cheese, mustard, and paté. The crust is thin and flaky, letting those fresh, local ingredients shine.

  • Detroit Style Pizza: This one’s a rising star. Baked in a well-oiled pan, it has a chewy, almost fried texture. The toppings go on first, then the cheese, and finally the sauce, creating a flavor-packed bite.

Characteristics and Origins

These crust styles show just how diverse and creative pizza can be. Whether you love the soft chew of Neapolitan or the foldable slices of New York, there’s a crust for everyone.

Want to find the best pizza in Green Bay? Check out our Best Pizza Places in Green Bay. And if you’re up for a road trip, we’ve got a list of top-rated pizza spots near Green Bay too.

Remember, the crust is just the start. Toppings, sauce, and cheese all play their part in this delicious symphony. So go ahead, explore the world of pizza crusts, find your favorite, and let your taste buds dance with joy!