Florida’s Pizza Gems

Got a pizza craving in Florida? You’re in luck. Let’s chat about two standout spots: Eddie and Sam’s in Tampa and Pizza Bruno in Orlando.

Eddie and Sam’s: NYC Flavor in Tampa

Missing that New York City pizza magic? Eddie and Sam’s in Tampa has got you covered. They even go as far as importing NYC water to nail that authentic taste (Mashed). Yep, you read that right—NYC water. The result? A crust that’s as close to the Big Apple as you can get without hopping on a plane.

Their pizzas are big, foldable, and packed with that classic New York combo of thin, crispy crust, tangy sauce, and gooey cheese. One bite, and you might just hear the hustle and bustle of NYC streets.

Pizza Bruno: 48-Hour Dough in Orlando

Over in Orlando, Pizza Bruno is making waves with its killer pizzas and unique flavors. Their secret weapon? Dough that proofs for a whopping 48 hours. This extra time gives the dough a flavor explosion and the perfect mix of chewiness and crispiness (Mashed).

But it’s not just about the crust. Their sauce is a sweet and spicy masterpiece that pairs perfectly with the cheese. Each bite is a flavor bomb that’ll keep you coming back for more.

These two spots are just a slice of Florida’s pizza awesomeness. From Tampa to Orlando and beyond, the Sunshine State is packed with pizzerias catering to every taste. Whether you’re after a slice of NYC or something a bit different, Florida’s got your back. So, grab a slice and dive into a pizza adventure that’ll make your taste buds dance.

Miami’s Pizza Scene

Miami’s got a pizza game that’s hotter than its beaches, serving up slices for every kind of pizza lover. Here are three pizza joints in Miami that will make your taste buds dance:

Stanzione 87: Neapolitan Magic

If you’re craving that classic Neapolitan pizza, Stanzione 87 is your spot. They were the first in Miami to bring in a real-deal Neapolitan pizza oven straight from Italy. These pies cook in under a minute, thanks to the oven’s blazing heat. Almost everything on the pizza, from the crust to the cheese, is imported from Italy. It’s like a mini trip to Naples with every bite (Mashed).

No Name Pub: Bar Pizza Brilliance

For a slice of bar pizza heaven, check out No Name Pub in Big Pine Key. This place is famous for its fluffy crust, flavorful sauce, and perfectly melted cheese. It’s no wonder folks say it’s the best pizza in Florida. The crowd here is as diverse as it gets, from bikers to families, all united by their love for a good pie (Mashed).

0′ Munaciello: Florence Flavor

Straight from Florence, Italy, 0′ Munaciello brings a taste of Tuscany to Miami. Ranked as the seventh-best pizza spot in the U.S., this place offers a menu packed with traditional Florentine flavors. Each bite is a nod to the techniques that make Florentine pizza famous. If you want a true taste of Florence without leaving Miami, this is the place to be (Fox 35 Orlando).

Miami’s pizza scene is a melting pot of flavors and styles. Whether you’re after the authentic Neapolitan vibes of Stanzione 87, the bar pizza brilliance of No Name Pub, or the Florentine flair of 0′ Munaciello, these spots promise a pizza experience you won’t forget. For more pizza picks and info on Florida’s pizza styles, keep reading our article.

Unique Pizza Experiences in Florida

Craving some unforgettable pizza in Florida? You’re in for a treat! Florida’s got some killer pizza joints that serve up flavors you won’t find anywhere else. Let’s dig into two must-visit spots: Satchel’s and Corelli’s Pantry.

Satchel’s: Spicy & Savory Flavors

Over in Gainesville, Satchel’s is the place to be. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill pizza joint. They’ve got two main styles that’ll make your mouth water. First up, their thin crust pizza—crispy, classic, and oh-so-good. Then there’s their deep-dish, a nod to Detroit-style pies with that irresistible burnt cheese edge and a thick, hearty crust.

Satchel’s is all about bold, spicy, and savory flavors. They use top-notch ingredients and have mastered the art of pizza-making, drawing fans from as far as Miami and New York. Whether you’re into the thin crust or the deep-dish, Satchel’s will have you coming back for more.

Corelli’s Pantry: New York Style in Clermont

Head over to Clermont, and you’ll find Corelli’s Pantry, a hidden gem serving up New York-style pizza. If you love a thin, crispy crust that holds up under a mountain of toppings, this is your spot. Their pizza has a robust sauce, gooey cheese, and a crust that’ll make you feel like you’re in NYC.

But wait, there’s more! Corelli’s Pantry also whips up a mean muffuletta sandwich and a killer Italian combo sub, both packed with high-quality ingredients. Whether you’re a cheese pizza purist or a fan of loaded slices, Corelli’s Pantry has got your back.

When you’re in Florida, don’t miss out on the unique pizza experiences at Satchel’s and Corelli’s Pantry. These spots showcase the diverse flavors and styles that make Florida’s pizza scene something special. Go ahead, treat yourself to a pizza adventure you won’t forget.

Top Pizza Spots in Florida

If you’re on the hunt for the best pizza in Florida, two places you can’t miss are Baccano and CRUST.

Baccano: Neapolitan Magic in Miami

First up is Baccano, nestled in Miami’s lively Wynwood Art District. This spot has made a name for itself with its authentic Neapolitan pizza, served with a dash of Italian charm. Walk into Baccano, and you’re hit with the mouth-watering aroma of wood-fired ovens and the sight of pizza pros working their magic.

Baccano sticks to the basics but does them exceptionally well. The dough is prepared with care, using top-notch ingredients and time-honored techniques. The tomato sauce strikes the perfect balance between sweet and tangy, enhancing the toppings’ flavors. When the pizzas come out of the wood-fired oven, they have that perfect charred crust with a chewy texture and smoky taste.

Pair your pizza with a pick from their Italian wine list or a local craft beer. The cozy vibe at Baccano, along with their commitment to quality, makes it a must-visit for any pizza lover.

CRUST: Art Deco Delight in Miami

Next, we have CRUST, housed in a stunning standalone Art Deco building. Step inside, and you’ll be wowed by the sleek geometric lines, eye-catching Deco columns, and soaring 14-foot ceiling. This place mixes old-school charm with modern flavors.

CRUST isn’t just about pizza; it’s about a full-on culinary experience. Their award-winning pizzas come with a variety of creative toppings, from classic to adventurous. Whether you’re a fan of a traditional Margherita or want to try something new, CRUST has got you covered.

Besides their amazing pizzas, CRUST also offers a range of classic Italian dishes like homemade pasta and tasty antipasti. The menu is carefully crafted, ensuring every dish is a masterpiece.

Both Baccano and CRUST highlight the rich variety of Florida’s pizza scene. Whether you’re craving authentic Neapolitan flavors or a unique pizza experience, these spots will hit the spot.

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Florida’s Pizza Paradise

Florida’s pizza game is strong, offering a mouth-watering mix of styles that will make any pizza lover’s heart skip a beat. Two styles that have really taken off here are Detroit-style and St. Louis-style pizza.

Detroit-Style Pizza: A Slice of Heaven

Born in Detroit back in 1946 at Buddy’s Pizza, this style has spread like wildfire, even making waves in New York. What makes Detroit-style pizza so special? It’s all about that rectangular shape, crispy edges, and loads of Wisconsin brick cheese. Baked in a seasoned blue steel pan, the crust is light and airy inside but crispy outside. And the sauce? Made with top-notch tomatoes, it adds a tangy kick that ties everything together.

St. Louis-Style Pizza: Crunchy and Cheesy

St. Louis-style pizza is a whole different ball game. Think thin, cracker-like crust and Provel cheese—a mix of provolone, Swiss, and cheddar. Provel was whipped up after World War II to melt like a dream, and now it’s a must-have for this style. Toppings like sausage, bacon, and veggies are added after baking, making each pizza a customizable masterpiece.

These two styles bring their own flair to Florida’s pizza scene, giving you a chance to dive into different flavors and textures. Whether you’re craving the crispy, cheesy goodness of Detroit-style or the thin, crunchy delight of St. Louis-style, Florida’s got you covered.

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Beyond Florida: Pizza Adventures

Sure, Florida’s got some killer pizza joints, but let’s not kid ourselves—there’s a whole pizza universe out there. Today, we’re taking a tasty trip to two pizza powerhouses: New Jersey and Connecticut.

New Jersey: Pizza Paradise

New Jersey isn’t just about diners and boardwalks; it’s a pizza lover’s dream. Places like Razza and Bread & Salt in Jersey City are turning out pies that make you rethink your life choices. These spots are all about fresh, local ingredients—think heirloom tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, and even hazelnuts. Yeah, hazelnuts on pizza. Trust me, it works.

In Jersey, the crust is a perfect mix of crispy and chewy, and the toppings? Fresh and fabulous. Whether you’re into a classic Margherita or something a bit more out there, New Jersey’s got you covered. It’s like a pizza party in your mouth, and everyone’s invited.

Connecticut: The Pizza Legends

Now, let’s head over to Connecticut, specifically New Haven. This place is like the Vatican of pizza. You’ve got legends like Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana and Sally’s Apizza serving up thin-crusted, coal-fired masterpieces that have been around for generations.

Connecticut pizza is all about that thin, crispy crust and a sauce-cheese combo that’s just right. Each bite is like a love letter to pizza history. Whether you’re a cheese purist or a toppings adventurer, Connecticut’s got a slice with your name on it.

So, while Florida has its own pizza stars, it’s worth hitting the road to taste what New Jersey and Connecticut have to offer. These pizza adventures will not only satisfy your cravings but also broaden your pizza-loving horizons.