Digging Into Durham’s Pizza Scene

Looking for the best pizza in Durham? You’re in luck! This town’s got some killer spots that’ll make your taste buds dance. Let’s check out a few of the top pizza joints in Durham.

La Pizza & Pasta: Italian Goodness

La Pizza & Pasta, right here in Durham, brings a slice of Italy to your plate. This family-owned gem has been dishing out homemade Italian goodness since 1975. Their pizza? Pure magic. Every bite screams passion and authenticity. If you’re after a real Italian pizza experience, this is your spot. Peek at their menu here.

Boxcar Bar & Arcade: Games and Grub

Want pizza with a side of fun? Head to Boxcar Bar & Arcade in downtown Durham. It’s not just about the games; their pizza lineup is pretty impressive too. From classic cheese and pepperoni to quirky seasonal pies like pickle or jalapeño popper, they’ve got something for everyone. Game on and chow down! Check them out on Discover Durham.

Devil’s Pizzeria & Restaurant: Sinfully Good

Craving something different? Devil’s Pizzeria & Restaurant near Duke University’s East campus is your go-to. Their menu is packed with creative combos like bacon cheeseburger, taco, and chicken parmesan pizzas. Plus, they’ve got plenty of vegan options, so no one misses out. Sinfully delicious, indeed. More details on Discover Durham.

Hutchins Garage: Industrial Vibes, Tasty Pies

Hutchins Garage in Durham offers a cool industrial vibe with some seriously good pizza. Whether you’re into New York-style round pizzas or the denser, rectangular grandma-style, they’ve got you covered. With a full bar and plenty of patio seating, it’s a great spot to kick back and enjoy a slice. Learn more on Discover Durham.

Napoli Pizzeria & Gelateria: Neapolitan Delight

For a taste of Naples, head to Napoli Pizzeria & Gelateria in the Durham Food Hall. They import their flour, olive oil, and tomatoes straight from Italy, ensuring every bite is authentically Neapolitan. And don’t skip the gelato—it’s made in-house and absolutely divine. Dive into their offerings on Discover Durham.

Durham’s pizza scene is packed with options for every kind of pizza lover. Whether you’re into classic flavors, wild toppings, or a true Italian experience, these spots have got you covered. Don’t miss out on exploring Durham’s diverse pizza offerings—you’ll be back for more, guaranteed.

Hidden Pizza Treasures in Durham

Durham’s pizza scene is buzzing with flavors and creativity. Beyond the well-known spots, there are some lesser-known gems that every pizza lover should check out. Let’s dig into some of these tasty finds:

Pie Pushers: Durham’s Own Thin-Crust Delight

Craving a slice of authentic “Durham style” thin-crust pizza? Pie Pushers is your go-to. Their hand-tossed pizzas, loaded with local ingredients, pack a punch of bold flavors. Whether you’re grabbing a whole pie or just a slice, Pie Pushers won’t disappoint. They also whip up fresh side salads and gluten-free options, making sure everyone leaves happy. Check them out at Discover Durham.

Bocci Italian: Family Fun with a Pizza Twist

Bocci Italian at Sutton Station is a hit among locals. Dubbed the “best pizza in town” by many, this spot offers a cozy, family-friendly vibe. Kids can play with chalk outside while parents enjoy their meal. Their Nonna style pizza, a square slice of homemade heaven, is a must-try. For a fun family outing with great food, head to Bocci Italian. More details at Best of the Bull.

Cugino Forno: A Slice of Italy

Dreaming of a wood-fired pizza that takes you straight to Italy? Cugino Forno is the place. Their pizzas, baked to perfection in a wood-fired oven, offer a mix of traditional and creative toppings. From a classic Margherita to a prosciutto and arugula combo, there’s something for every taste. For an Italian pizza experience, visit Cugino Forno. Menu and more at Best of the Bull.

Randy’s Pizza: The Classic Choice

Randy’s Pizza has been a staple in the Triangle area for years. With eight locations, they’re known for their reliable, delicious pizzas. Perfect for parties, their massive 30-inch pizza is a crowd-pleaser. When you need a classic, satisfying pizza, Randy’s is the answer. Find your nearest spot at News Observer.

Pizzeria Toro: Fresh and Flavorful

Pizzeria Toro has been wowing Durham for nearly a decade. Centered around a wood-fired oven, their menu features inventive pizzas like spicy lamb meatball, clam pizza, and the classic Margherita. With top-notch ingredients and expert craftsmanship, Pizzeria Toro keeps pizza lovers coming back for more. Discover their fresh takes at News Observer.

Durham’s pizza offerings are as diverse as they are delicious. From thin-crust specialties to wood-fired wonders, there’s a slice for every taste. These hidden gems are just a peek into Durham’s vibrant pizza scene. Go ahead, explore, and savor the best pies Durham has to offer!