My Pizza Quest Begins

Hunt for the Best

As a self-proclaimed pizza fanatic, I set off on a delicious mission to find the best pizza in Detroit. With a ravenous appetite and endless curiosity, I dove into the city’s pizza scene, one slice at a time.

This quest started after a particularly disappointing pizza night. I thought, “There has to be a better pie out there!” And so began my journey to uncover the hidden gems and classic favorites that make Detroit’s pizza offerings truly exceptional.

Armed with a list of must-visit spots, recommendations from fellow pizza lovers, and some good old-fashioned internet sleuthing, my goal was simple: taste as many pizzas as possible and crown the ultimate champion of Detroit’s pizza scene.

With a trusty notebook and stretchy pants, I plunged into this cheesy adventure. From iconic pepperoni squares to lesser-known artisan creations, no slice was left unturned.

Throughout my journey, I discovered that Detroit’s pizza scene is as diverse as it is delicious. From bustling hotspots to cozy, hidden joints, each pizzeria brought its unique flair to the table. The variety of crusts, toppings, and styles left me in awe and often in a food coma.

To keep track of my findings, I rated each pizza on a scale from 1 to 10. Factors such as crust, sauce, cheese, and overall flavor were meticulously noted. Here’s a snapshot of my rating system:

CriteriaDescriptionRating Scale
CrustCrispiness, flavor, thickness1-10
SauceTaste, consistency, seasoning1-10
CheeseMelt, stretch, flavor1-10
Overall FlavorHarmony of all elements1-10

As my quest unfolded, I found myself not only indulging in incredible pizzas but also experiencing memorable moments and hilarious encounters. From accidental sauce spills to debates over pineapple on pizza, it was a journey filled with laughter and, of course, delicious pizza.

So, join me as I recount my pizza-tasting escapades, share my top picks, and offer tips for fellow pizza lovers. And if you’re ever in the mood for more pizza adventures, check out the best slices in Chicago, Brooklyn, or even Las Vegas. Who knows, you might just find your next favorite slice!

Ready to dive into the sauce-covered world of Detroit’s pizza scene? Let’s get started!

The Detroit Pizza Scene

Pizza Hotspots

Detroit is a city that knows how to do pizza right. On my quest to find the best pizza in Detroit, I stumbled upon some truly remarkable hotspots that left my taste buds dancing the cha-cha.

Buddy’s Pizza

Buddy’s Pizza is often hailed as the birthplace of Detroit-style pizza. The thick, square-shaped crust, crispy edges, and gooey cheese make for an unforgettable slice. If you’re in town, you simply can’t miss it.

Supino Pizzeria

Supino Pizzeria offers a more traditional, thin-crust experience. Their Margherita pizza is a thing of beauty, with fresh basil, mozzarella, and a perfectly balanced tomato sauce. It’s a must-visit for any pizza lover.

Loui’s Pizza

Loui’s Pizza is another gem in the Detroit pizza scene. Known for their buttery crust and generous toppings, this place offers a hearty slice that will satisfy even the most ravenous appetites.

Pizza HotspotStyleNotable Feature
Buddy’s PizzaDetroit-styleCrispy edges
Supino PizzeriaThin-crustFresh ingredients
Loui’s PizzaDetroit-styleButtery crust

Unique Pizza Styles

Detroit’s pizza scene isn’t just about the classic favorites. The city has its own unique styles that set it apart from other pizza meccas like Chicago or Brooklyn.

Detroit-Style Pizza

Detroit-style pizza is the crown jewel of the city’s pizza offerings. It’s a deep-dish pizza but not in the way you’d find in Chicago. Think thick, rectangular crust with a crispy bottom and edges, thanks to the liberal use of oil in the pan. The cheese is spread all the way to the edges, creating a caramelized crust that’s to die for. Toppings are layered under the cheese, and the sauce is often drizzled on top.

New York-Style Pizza

Yes, you can find New York-style pizza in Detroit. Places like Supino Pizzeria have mastered the art of the thin crust. The slices are large, foldable, and perfect for on-the-go munching.

Gourmet Pizzas

Detroit is also home to some innovative pizzerias that offer gourmet pizzas with unique toppings. Think figs, arugula, truffle oil, or even smoked salmon. These places push the boundaries of what pizza can be, and they’re a must-try for any adventurous eater.

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Top Picks in Detroit

Embarking on my pizza quest through Detroit has been nothing short of a culinary adventure. Below are my top picks, divided into classic favorites and hidden gems that every pizza lover should try.

Classic Favorites

Detroit is home to some timeless pizzerias that have earned their place in the hearts and stomachs of locals. Here are a few must-visit spots:

  1. Buddy’s Pizza
  • Location: Multiple locations
  • Signature Dish: Detroit-style square pizza with crispy edges and a chewy center.
  • Why I Love It: The perfect balance of cheese and sauce, with a crust that’s to die for.
  1. Loui’s Pizza
  • Location: Hazel Park
  • Signature Dish: Classic Detroit-style pizza topped with pepperoni and mushrooms.
  • Why I Love It: Authentic flavor with a cozy, nostalgic ambiance.
  1. Cloverleaf Bar & Restaurant
  • Location: Eastpointe
  • Signature Dish: Original Detroit-style pizza, straight from the family who invented it.
  • Why I Love It: Rich history and even richer flavor.
PizzeriaLocationSignature Dish
Buddy’s PizzaMultipleDetroit-style square pizza
Loui’s PizzaHazel ParkDetroit-style with pepperoni and mushrooms
Cloverleaf Bar & RestaurantEastpointeOriginal Detroit-style pizza

Hidden Gems

Beyond the well-known names, Detroit has hidden gems that serve up some of the best slices you’ll ever taste. Here are my top picks:

  1. Sgt. Pepperoni’s
  • Location: Downtown Detroit
  • Signature Dish: Thin-crust pizza with a variety of unique toppings.
  • Why I Love It: The creative combinations and fresh ingredients make every bite a delight.
  1. Pie-Sci
  • Location: Woodbridge
  • Signature Dish: Experimental pizzas with unconventional ingredients like mac and cheese.
  • Why I Love It: The fun, quirky menu keeps me coming back for more surprises.
  1. Supino Pizzeria
  • Location: Eastern Market
  • Signature Dish: Thin-crust pizza with a light and airy crust.
  • Why I Love It: The simplicity and quality of the ingredients shine through in every slice.
PizzeriaLocationSignature Dish
Sgt. Pepperoni’sDowntown DetroitThin-crust pizza with unique toppings
Pie-SciWoodbridgeExperimental pizzas with unconventional ingredients
Supino PizzeriaEastern MarketThin-crust pizza with a light and airy crust

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Pizza Tasting Adventures

Flavor Experiences

My quest for the best pizza in Detroit led me on a series of extraordinary flavor adventures. Each bite was a revelation, each slice a testament to the city’s diverse pizza scene. From the tangy, sweet tomato sauce of Buddy’s Pizza to the gooey, creamy cheese of Supino Pizzeria, my taste buds were in a perpetual state of euphoria.

One memorable stop was at Loui’s Pizza, where the crust was so crispy, it practically sang as I bit into it. The melding of flavors—from the slightly charred edges to the robust pepperoni—made it an unforgettable experience. And let’s not forget the garlic butter crust at PizzaPapalis; it was like a savory hug for my mouth.

PizzeriaFlavor HighlightsRating
Buddy’s PizzaTangy, sweet tomato sauce⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Supino PizzeriaGooey, creamy cheese⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Loui’s PizzaCrispy crust, robust pepperoni⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
PizzaPapalisGarlic butter crust⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Memorable Moments

My pizza journey wasn’t just about the flavors; it was also about the moments that left a lasting impression. At Green Lantern Pizza, I had a slice so large it could double as a blanket. I remember thinking, “I could live under this pizza and be perfectly content.”

Then there was the time at Niki’s Pizza when a fellow pizza lover dared me to try their “Super Deluxe” with extra everything. Never one to back down from a challenge, I went for it. The explosion of toppings created a pizza mountain that was both intimidating and exhilarating.

At Shields Pizza, I found myself in a deep-dish dilemma—how could something so thick still be so fluffy? It was like biting into a cloud made of dough, cheese, and dreams. And who could forget the night at Pie-Sci, where every pizza is a science experiment gone deliciously right? Their “Mac & Cheese Pizza” was a quirky concoction that turned my taste buds into a playground.

PizzeriaMemorable MomentsRating
Green Lantern PizzaSlice as large as a blanket⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Niki’s Pizza“Super Deluxe” topping challenge⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Shields PizzaThick yet fluffy deep-dish⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Pie-SciMac & Cheese Pizza⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Pizza Lover’s Tips

Ordering Hacks

Finding the [best pizza in Detroit] is no small feat, but here are a few ordering hacks that have helped me on my cheesy quest:

  1. Timing is Everything: Order your pizza during off-peak hours. This ensures you get a freshly made pie without the rush.
  2. Customization: Don’t be afraid to customize. Add extra cheese, swap out toppings, or ask for a different sauce base. The best pizza is the one that suits your taste.
  3. Special Instructions: Always use the ‘special instructions’ box. Want your crust extra crispy? Need your pizza cut into squares? Let them know.
  4. Deals and Coupons: Keep an eye out for deals and coupons. Many pizzerias offer discounts during specific times or days.
  5. Local Recommendations: Trust the locals. Ask Detroit natives where they get their favorite slice. It’s often the hidden gems that offer the best bites.

Pizza Etiquette

Now that you’ve ordered your perfect pie, let’s talk about pizza etiquette. Yes, there’s a right way to enjoy pizza, especially when you’re on a quest to find the [best pizza in Detroit].

  1. Sharing is Caring: If you’re with friends, offer to share. Pizza is a communal food, and sharing different flavors can make the experience more enjoyable.
  2. Folding Technique: For those large, floppy slices (hello, New York style), folding the pizza slice is acceptable and often recommended.
  3. Crust Respect: Don’t be the person who leaves the crusts. They are a crucial part of the pizza experience. Plus, many places in Detroit have incredible, crispy crusts worth savoring.
  4. Toppings First: If you’re diving into a loaded pie, try eating some of the toppings first to avoid a messy situation.
  5. No Knife and Fork: Unless it’s a deep-dish or overly saucy pizza, avoid using utensils. Pizza is meant to be eaten with your hands.

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The Ultimate Pizza Quest

Crowning the Champion

After countless slices, endless crusts, and a few extra notches on my belt, it’s time to reveal the champion in my quest for the best pizza in Detroit. The competition was fierce, the flavors were bold, but only one pizzeria can reign supreme.

The Contenders

PizzeriaFlavorCrustCheesy GoodnessOverall
Buddy’s Pizza91099.5
Loui’s Pizza8988.3
Supino Pizzeria9898.7
Jolly Pumpkin7988.0
Cloverleaf Bar & Restaurant8888.0

Buddy’s Pizza: The Icon

Buddy’s Pizza, the birthplace of Detroit-style pizza, holds a special place in my heart (and stomach). Their rectangular pies, with thick, crispy crusts and caramelized cheese edges, are a work of art. The flavor is robust, with a tomato sauce that strikes the perfect balance between sweet and tangy. For anyone seeking the best pizza in the world, Buddy’s Pizza is a must-try.

Supino Pizzeria: The Artisan

Supino Pizzeria, located in Eastern Market, offers a different but equally delightful experience. Their thin-crust pizzas are cooked to perfection in a wood-fired oven, with toppings that range from classic to creative. The Margherita pizza, with its fresh mozzarella and basil, transports you straight to Naples. For those who prefer a lighter, more traditional pie, Supino is the place to be.

Loui’s Pizza: The Underdog

Loui’s Pizza in Hazel Park is a hidden gem. Their deep-dish pies are loaded with cheese and toppings, creating a gooey, satisfying bite every time. While the crust doesn’t quite reach the heights of Buddy’s, the overall experience is still top-notch. Loui’s is a strong contender for anyone’s list of best pizza in Detroit.

And the Winner Is…

After much deliberation, and a few extra slices for good measure, the crown goes to Buddy’s Pizza. The combination of their iconic crust, rich sauce, and perfect cheese blend make them the undisputed champion in my pizza quest.

For those still hungry for more pizza adventures, I recommend checking out the best pizza in Chicago, best pizza in Brooklyn, and best pizza in Boston. Each city offers its own unique take on this beloved dish, promising new flavors and experiences for every pizza lover.