Pizza Paradise in Dallas

If you’re on the hunt for the best pizza in Dallas, buckle up because I’ve got the lowdown on three pizza joints that will make your taste buds do a happy dance.

Louie’s on Henderson

Louie’s on Henderson is the ultimate hidden gem where thin-crust pizza dreams come true. The crust is seasoned to perfection, and the cozy atmosphere makes it feel like home. Plus, there’s a full bar to wash down your slices with your favorite drink. And if you’re in the mood for something green, their Greek salad is phenomenal. Perfect for a casual date night or just indulging in some top-notch pizza.

  • Ambiance: Cozy, hole-in-the-wall
  • Specialty: Thin crust pizza
  • Extras: Full bar, Greek salad
Pizza Quality5/5
Value for Money4.5/5

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Mister O1

Mister O1 is where pizza magic happens. With a reputation for potentially being the best in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area, and maybe even all of Texas, this place doesn’t mess around. The pies here are a work of art, with a perfect balance of flavor and texture. Whether you’re a classic Margherita lover or craving something more adventurous, Mister O1 has got you covered.

  • Ambiance: Modern, chic
  • Specialty: Gourmet pizzas
  • Extras: Extensive menu, vegetarian options
Pizza Quality5/5
Value for Money4/5

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Mimi’s Pizzeria

Mimi’s Pizzeria has been feeding Dallas pizza lovers for years, and it’s easy to see why. Known for its reliable lunchtime satisfaction, Mimi’s serves up classic pizzas that hit the spot every time. The friendly neighborhood vibe makes it a great place to grab a quick slice or sit down for a full meal with friends and family.

  • Ambiance: Casual, family-friendly
  • Specialty: Classic pizzas
  • Extras: Lunch specials, family-friendly
Pizza Quality4.5/5
Value for Money4.5/5

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These three spots are just the beginning of the pizza paradise that awaits in Dallas. Whether you’re a thin-crust fanatic, a gourmet pizza connoisseur, or a lover of classic slices, Dallas has something to offer every pizza lover. So, grab a slice and enjoy the journey!

Pizza Gems Await

Pie Tap Pizza Workshop + Bar

If you’re on the hunt for the best pizza in Dallas, Pie Tap Pizza Workshop + Bar is a must-visit. This place doesn’t just serve pizza; it serves an experience. With a fantastic atmosphere and outdoor seating, Pie Tap is perfect for those balmy Texas evenings (Yelp).

Their crust is the stuff of legends—crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, and oh-so-satisfying. Grab a slice of their signature pie, and you’ll understand why pizza lovers rave about it. And if you need a break from pizza (blasphemy, I know), their menu also features some drool-worthy sides and salads.

Pizzeria Carina

Next up on the list of Dallas pizza gems is Pizzeria Carina. This place is like a little slice of Rome right in the heart of Texas. One reviewer even claimed it’s the best pizza they’ve had since returning from Italy (Yelp). High praise, indeed!

Pizzeria Carina takes pride in using fresh, high-quality ingredients, which results in a pizza that’s bursting with authentic Italian flavors. Their Margherita pizza is a must-try, featuring a perfect balance of tangy tomato sauce, creamy mozzarella, and fragrant basil. It’s simple yet sublime.

Ferrari’s Pizzeria

Last but definitely not least, let’s talk about Ferrari’s Pizzeria. If you’re serious about finding the best pizza in Dallas, Ferrari’s Pizzeria is where you need to go. According to reviews, it’s seriously among the best in town (Yelp).

Ferrari’s Pizzeria offers a variety of options that cater to every pizza lover’s taste. Whether you’re a fan of classic pepperoni or something more adventurous like a truffle mushroom pizza, Ferrari’s has got you covered. Their crust is perfectly cooked, and the toppings are always generous and flavorful.

PizzeriaAtmosphereNotable Pizza
Pie Tap Pizza Workshop + BarGreat atmosphere, outdoor seatingSignature Pie
Pizzeria CarinaAuthentic Italian flavorsMargherita Pizza
Ferrari’s PizzeriaHighly recommended, best pizzasTruffle Mushroom Pizza

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Beyond the Classics

When it comes to discovering the best pizza in Dallas, sometimes you need to think outside the (pizza) box. Here are three pizza spots that offer something a little different but just as delicious.

Goodbye Horses by Julian Barsotti

Goodbye Horses by Julian Barsotti is where you go when you’re in the mood for Rhode Island-style thin-crust pizza. Their secret? A flavorful tomato sauce that’s achieved through a meticulous three- to four-day fermentation process (D Magazine). The crust is a perfect balance of crispy and chewy, making every bite a delightful experience. If you want to try something unique, this is your spot.

Zoli’s NY Pizza

Zoli’s NY Pizza in Addison is a haven for pizza lovers who appreciate a bit of creativity on their crust. Think barbecue brisket, sausage, and even everything bagel seasoning (D Magazine). Zoli’s doesn’t stop there; their monthly specials feature innovative toppings like pastrami, Brussels sprouts, and garlicky broccoli. It’s a flavor adventure you won’t want to miss.

Menu ItemUnique Topping
Monthly SpecialPastrami
BBQ PizzaBarbecue Brisket
Veggie DelightBrussels Sprouts

Neony Pizza Works

Neony Pizza Works introduces the “neo-New York-style” crust, which is fermented for 72 hours before baking (D Magazine). This place is perfect for those who crave both traditional and innovative flavors. Whether it’s the lemongrass sausage bánh mì or a classic pepperoni pie, Neony Pizza Works has something for everyone. Keep an eye on their social media for special limited items that pop up occasionally.

If you’re ever in the mood for a pizza adventure, these spots are sure to satisfy your cravings. Whether you’re looking for the best pizza in Brooklyn or the best pizza in Miami, remember that Dallas has its own unique and delicious offerings.

A Taste of Italy in Dallas

For those craving a true Italian pizza experience, Dallas offers some fantastic options that will transport your taste buds straight to Naples. Here are three top spots you shouldn’t miss.

Partenope Ristorante

Let me tell you, Partenope Ristorante is a gem. This place is the brainchild of Naples-born pizzaiolo Dino Santonicola, and it’s the real deal when it comes to Neapolitan pies. Picture this: a flavorful crust topped with premium ingredients like Jimmy’s sausage, Calabrian peppers, and smoked mozzarella. You can almost hear the mandolin playing in the background. Plus, they’re opening a new location in Richardson soon, so more people can join the pizza party.

Ranked number 17 on a list of the best pizzerias in the U.S. by 50 TopPizza, Partenope stands out for its elegant and modern ambiance, its dedication to the Neapolitan style, and its use of high-quality Italian flour and fresh ingredients (NBC DFW). Trust me, the Margherita pizza alone is worth the trip.

Neapolitan PiesJimmy’s sausage, Calabrian peppers, smoked mozzarella
Classic MargheritaHigh-quality Italian flour, fresh ingredients
CalzoneAuthentic Italian style

Dough from San Antonio

Next up, Dough from San Antonio. These guys are serious about their pizza. They bring that authentic Neapolitan style to the table, and it’s a game-changer. The crust is perfectly chewy with just the right amount of char, and the toppings are out of this world. If you’re into gooey, melty goodness, their Burrata pizza is a must-try.

| Specialty | Description |
| Neapolitan Pies | Authentic Naples-style crust, high-quality toppings |
| Burrata Pizza | Gooey, melty burrata cheese |
| Seasonal Specials | Fresh, locally sourced ingredients |

Motor City Pizza

And last but not least, Motor City Pizza. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Motor City? Isn’t that Detroit?” Yes, my friend, it is. But these folks have brought the best of Detroit-style pizza to Dallas, and it’s a match made in pizza heaven. Thick, crispy crust with caramelized edges and a generous layer of cheese and toppings. It’s a heartier option, but hey, who doesn’t love a good deep dish every now and then?

| Specialty | Description |
| Detroit-Style Pizza | Thick, crispy crust, caramelized edges |
| Classic Pepperoni | Generous layer of cheese and pepperoni |
| Veggie Delight | Loaded with fresh vegetables |

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