Discover Cleveland’s Pizza Scene

Cleveland’s pizza scene is like finding a hidden stash of gold, packed with delicious slices just waiting for you. As a die-hard pizza fan, I’ve been on a mission to find the best pizza joints in this lively city.

Must-Try Pizza Spots in Cleveland

If you’re hunting for the best pizza in Cleveland, these spots should be on your list. Whether you love thin crust, wood-fired, or deep-dish, Cleveland’s got you covered.

  1. Boom’s Pizza: This place serves pizza that’s as explosive as its name.
  2. ETailian: Every bite brings a taste of Italy.
  3. Biga Wood Fired Pizza: Expect a smoky flavor with their wood-fired pies.
  4. Farinacci Pizza: A classic spot that’s been satisfying pizza cravings for years.
  5. Flour: Known for their artisanal approach to pizza making.
  6. Congin’s Pizza: A local favorite with a loyal following.
  7. A Slice Above: Their name says it all.
  8. Ohio City Pizzeria: Conveniently located and always delicious.
  9. Angelo’s: A staple in Cleveland’s pizza scene.
  10. Pizzeria DiLauro: A newer player that’s quickly making a name for itself.

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Pizza by the Slice Options

Sometimes, you just need a slice. Cleveland has plenty of options for those quick pizza cravings. Here are some top choices for pizza by the slice:

  1. Geraci’s Slice Shop: Perfect for a quick, cheesy fix.
  2. Citizen Pie: Known for its gourmet slices, with options like spicy salami and mushroom (
  3. Edison’s Pizza: A great place to grab a slice on the go.
  4. Crust: Offering hearty slices that are sure to satisfy.

Here’s a breakdown of some slice options:

RestaurantSlice OptionsPrice per SliceCombo Deals
Pizzaz PizzeriaCheese, Pepperoni$3.50, $4Slice + soup/salad + beverage for $10.50
Citizen PieSpicy Salami, Cacio e Pepe, Cotto and Brie, Mushroom$63 slices for $15

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Go on your own pizza hunt and find the hidden gems in Cleveland’s bustling pizza scene!

Best Pizza Restaurants in Cleveland

Pizza 216 – Tripadvisor’s Top Pick

Pizza 216, located at 401 Euclid Ave, has snagged the title of the best pizza restaurant in Cleveland according to Tripadvisor. With a solid rating of 4, this place has definitely made its mark. If you’re after the ultimate pizza experience, you can’t miss out on this spot. Their pizzas are a delightful mix of crispy crusts and mouth-watering toppings that keep me coming back.

Citizen Pie – A Top Contender

Citizen Pie, holding the 4th spot with a Tripadvisor rating of 4.5, is at 15710 Waterloo Rd. Their pies are a masterpiece, offering a burst of flavors that dance on your taste buds. The ambiance of Citizen Pie is as inviting as their pizza, making it a must-visit for any pizza lover.

Saucy Brew Works – Tripadvisor’s 3rd Place

Saucy Brew Works, ranked 3rd among the best pizza joints in Cleveland with a Tripadvisor rating of 4.5, is at 2885 Detroit Ave. This place isn’t just about pizza; it’s an entire experience! With a brewery on-site, you can enjoy a freshly brewed beer while devouring a delicious slice. It’s a win-win, folks.

Mama Santa’s Restaurant and Pizzeria – Tripadvisor’s 5th Spot

Mama Santa’s Restaurant and Pizzeria, found at 12305 Mayfield Rd, secured the 5th position with a Tripadvisor rating of 4. This classic pizzeria has been serving up traditional pies for years. The cozy, old-school vibe adds an extra layer of charm to the already exquisite pizza. If you’re craving a nostalgic pizza experience, Mama Santa’s is the place to be.

Il Rione – Tripadvisor’s 7th Ranking

Il Rione, located at 1303 West 65 Street, is ranked 7th among Cleveland’s pizza elite with a perfect Tripadvisor rating of 5. This gem is known for its gourmet pizzas that are as Instagrammable as they are delicious. The unique and creative toppings make each bite an adventure.

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