Baltimore’s Pizza Gems

If there’s one thing I know, it’s how to find the best pizza in Baltimore. Let me take you on a saucy journey through some of the city’s top pizza spots.

Johnny Rad’s Pizzeria Tavern

Johnny Rad’s Pizzeria Tavern is a must-visit for any pizza lover. Their menu is as creative as it gets, with options for everyone, including vegans and vegetarians. One of my personal favorites is the Trainwreck Pizza, a delightful mess of flavors that leaves your taste buds begging for more. Whether you’re a meat lover or a veggie enthusiast, Johnny Rad’s has got you covered.

Pizza TypeDescriptionPrice
TrainwreckVeggie delight with a mix of fresh toppings$15
Classic PepperoniTraditional pepperoni with a twist$13
Vegan DelightPlant-based toppings for vegan lovers$14

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Underground Pizza Baltimore

Underground Pizza Baltimore is where you go when you want to experience Detroit-style pizza with a Baltimore twist. Known for their inventive flavor combinations and humorous names, this place never disappoints. One of their standout creations is the Carol Baskin Pizza, a vegan option that’s as wild as its namesake. The crispy, cheesy edges and flavorful toppings make every bite an adventure.

Pizza TypeDescriptionPrice
Carol BaskinVegan pizza with a mix of exotic flavors$16
Meat LoversLoaded with a variety of meats$18
MargheritaClassic with a fresh twist$14

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Paulie Gee’s Hampden

Paulie Gee’s Hampden is not just about great pizza; it’s about the experience. The vibrant atmosphere and attentive staff make every visit memorable. Their innovative creations, like the Mustard Pie, are a testament to their culinary creativity. Imagine mustard sauce on a pizza – it’s unconventional but surprisingly delicious. Trust me, you have to try it to believe it.

Pizza TypeDescriptionPrice
Mustard PieInnovative pizza with mustard sauce$17
HellboySpicy pizza with hot honey drizzle$16
Vegan GreenpointerVegan option with fresh greens$15

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Baltimore’s pizza scene is diverse and delicious, offering something for every pizza aficionado. Whether you’re craving a classic pepperoni or an inventive vegan delight, these spots have it all. Now, go forth and conquer the pizza world, one slice at a time.

Delightful Pizza Journeys

When it comes to embarking on a delightful pizza journey in Baltimore, I have discovered some real gems that any pizza lover would appreciate. Here are my top picks for the best pizza in Baltimore, each offering a unique and delicious experience.

Verde Pizza in Canton

In the charming Canton neighborhood, Verde Pizza is a rustic haven for pizza enthusiasts. The cozy ambiance sets the stage for some truly mouth-watering pies. One of my personal favorites is their Calzone de Funghi, filled with ricotta, mozzarella, and mushrooms (Secret Baltimore). It’s a must-try for anyone who loves a good calzone.

Calzone de FunghiFilled with ricotta, mozzarella, and mushrooms
Margherita PizzaClassic pizza with tomato, mozzarella, and basil
Verde SpecialA delightful mix of seasonal ingredients

Joe Squared’s Pizza Variety

Joe Squared is a pizza paradise with one of the most extensive menus in the city. Whether you’re in the mood to build your own pizza or try one of their sensational signature options, Joe Squared has you covered. They pride themselves on using locally-sourced ingredients, which makes each bite even more special (Secret Baltimore).

Pizza TypeDescription
Build Your OwnCustomize with a variety of toppings
Signature PizzasUnique combinations with locally-sourced ingredients
Vegan OptionsDelicious pizzas catering to vegan diets

Matthew’s Pizza’s Legacy

Matthew’s Pizza is a legend in Baltimore, and for good reason. It’s often hailed as a top contender for the best pizza in Maryland. Many reviewers, myself included, are obsessed with finding the best pizza in the state, and Matthew’s never disappoints (Yelp). Their legacy of delicious, hearty pizzas keeps customers coming back for more.

Pizza TypeDescription
Crab PieMaryland-style pizza with fresh crab meat
Quattro FormaggiA cheesy delight with four types of cheese
Classic PepperoniA timeless favorite with pepperoni and mozzarella

For those on a pizza quest, Baltimore offers a plethora of options that won’t disappoint. Each of these pizzerias brings something unique to the table, making your journey through Charm City’s pizza landscape a truly delightful experience. If you’re curious about the best pizza in other cities, check out our articles on the best pizza in Chicago and the best pizza in Brooklyn.